[aprssig] APRS on a motorcycle - now antennas

apratt at bestbits.org apratt at bestbits.org
Wed Feb 15 13:03:26 EST 2006

It's great to see all the solutions that people have crafted, and get
the good advice I've seen here. Thanks.

That military-surplus ammo box sounds like a great idea!

I'd love to use a 1/4 wave antenna instead of the taller, heavier 1/2
wave. But I was told I needed a better ground plane for the 1/4 wave
than I could get on the bike - at least without tricky custom
engineering that I'm not really up to. 

How can I get a 1/4 wave antenna to do the job? If I use a metal box
to house the radio and tracker, and mount the antenna to the top, will
that do it? That would be sweet.

-- Allan Pratt, apratt at bestbits.org

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