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  I am trying to capture packet audio.

  Can someone suggest an audio software package I might use to capture 
and view a packet ?

 Like a storage CRO for the PC

If all you want is to be able to capture and play back the audio 
received by the soundcard, even the basic Windows Recorder provided 
standard with most versions of Windows will do the job.  The limitation 
of 1 minute of record time shouldn't be a issue for capturing a few 
packet bursts.

A bit more advanced utility that also has basic editing capabilities 
(if you want to copy and paste waveforms to assemble different 
sequences) is a shareware program called "Total Recorder" from High 
Criteria software at:

This USD $15 piece of shareware embeds itself inside your existing 
soundcard driver and is able to capture and record, into a standard WAV 
or MP3 file,  ANYTHING that passes through your soundcard in digital 
form. This includes supposedly copy-protected webcasts, DRM-restricted 
downloaded music, etc.   It even has a timer function that can start 
and stop the recording at specified times.  The $30 "Pro" version has a 
VOX-like feature that can record only when audio is actually present.

If you want be able to zoom into (and edit) audio waveforms all the way 
down to the individual cycle level, the audio editor formerly known as 
"Cool Edit" and now sold as "Adobe Audition" does an excellent job.  I 
have used it many times to cut and paste snippets of packet bursts to 
create custom Mic-E bursts.  A bit pricy at USD $275 or so but an 
enormously flexible program that puts an entire multi-track recording 
studio in you PC.

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