[aprssig] UIDIG ID packet?

Andy AB9FX ab9fx at aprs.pl
Tue Feb 14 21:07:12 EST 2006

According to my observations and functions in UIDIGI ROM:
status is sent to destination address UIDIGI and there is no way to make any 
status is sent without any packet path and there is no way to make any 
status is sent with the text UIDIGI 1.9 (or UIDIGI 1.9 BETA 1) and there is 
no way to make any change
And this is not a status according to APRS spec, because there is no packet 
identifier as >
Frame is sent after restarting and then every hour and there is no any way 
to make any change.
Good point, you know when the TNC was restarted.

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I was watching the channel the other day and saw a
local UIDIGI ROM digipeater send out a packet something like this:


THis packet is of no real value to APRS just like the
HID packet in other TNC's.  It is not in APRS format,
it uses a non APRS TOCALL, and it is not in STATUS
format either.  Since the digi is supposed to include
APNU19 as it's too call, then we already can see
its version number in all of its other packets.

Since it is not in APRS format, no one captures these
are is aware of them unless they just happen to be
watching RAW packets...

So is there a way to turn this off?

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