[aprssig] KPC as a fill in

Cap Pennell cap at cruzio.com
Mon Feb 13 22:15:03 EST 2006

Bill, in answer to your two questions below,

Kantronics TNC "Fill-In" or Event DIGI
("1 overlay" on digi star map symbol)

BLT 1    E 00:30:00
BLT 2    E 00:00:00
BLT 3    E 00:00:00
BLT 4    E 00:00:00
LT  1    !3348.63N112203.87W#PHG5230/W1,Fill-In/Wilder Ridge/A=001500
LTP 1    APN382 VIA WIDE1-1   (or APN383 VIA WIDE1-1 if Version 8.3 TNC)
MYAlias  %   (disabled, not RELAY nor WIDE nor TRACE)
UIdigi   ON WIDE1-1
UIFlood  % (disabled)
UITrace  % (disabled)

-- Setting up UI-View32 to act as a fill-in or event digi.--

You must be running your TNC in KISS mode to enable the digipeater in

Go to Setup -> Digipeater Setup
Enable Digi is checked
UI Only is checked
Alias substitution is checked
WIDEn-n is not checked
TRACEn-n is not checked
Alias(es) has W6UUU,WIDE1-1 <substitute your callsign for W6UUU>
Sub Alias has W6UUU <substitute your callsign for W6UUU>
Dupe secs = 30
Digi routes has 1=1

Click on OK and you're done.

73, Cap KE6AFE

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> Ok.  To make a KPC-3 act as a WIDE1-1 fillin with callsign substitution,
> is this the setup?
>    MYALIAS <callsign>
> A basic UI-VIEW system would put this in the KPC configuration file?
> Thanks,
> Bill

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