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All digis everywhere should also respond to WIDE1-1.
THat is the beauty of it.  If the big digi hears it first,
it sends the packet on its way.  If the mobile D700
also hears it, it will digipeat it once, but the big
digi (UIDWAIT set to zero) will have alrady sent it
and so the big digi will not duplicate it a second time.

But if the big digi did not hear it the firs time, then
it will digipeat it from the D700.  THis is how the
WIDE1-1 fill-in-digi system works.

Bob, Wb4APR


Except that the SoCal/L.A.-area high-level digis now ONLY respond to 
WIDE2-2 -- nothing else.....

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