[aprssig] OT: IEEE Starts to Plug Away at Standard for Power Line Communications

Neil Johnson Neil.Johnson at erudicon.com
Sun Feb 12 13:58:31 EST 2006

I know this is off topic concerning APRS, but I didn't know who else to
contact. I'm a "paper" (non-active) member of the IEEE, but I received a
link to this article via my monthly e-mail newsletter from the IEEE.

IEEE Starts to Plug Away at Standard for Power Line Communications


"High-speed data communications over ordinary power lines, which could
give anyone with a computer access to the Internet simply by plugging
into an electrical outlet, has become a commercial reality. With a
number of electric utilities rolling out services for broadband
communications over power lines (BPL), formal standards are needed to
ensure that the various gadgets making power line communications
possible are compatible and to prevent interference with other
communications devices...."

Rest of Article at the following URL's




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