[aprssig] New-N Paradigm Progress

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Feb 10 22:21:17 EST 2006

Tonight I loaded up APRSdos to look at the network
and the 'users' appear to be making good progress in 
the WashDC/ Baltimore area (though the digi sysops
do not)....  Of all packets on RF:

55%  are using WIDE2-2
18%  are using WIDE1-1  (most included in the 55% too)
13%  are using WIDE3-3
16%  are still using WIDE  (mostly digis!)
  1%  are using RELAY (good news)
10%  are IGate packets.

Of 50 digi's in the area,  at least 14 are not upgraded
to New-N and are generating the most QRM
with their WIDE,WIDE... packets.

My ALOHA circle is 39 miles and contains
54 users, 13 digis, 12 mobiles and 4 WX
but that covers all of WashDC and Baltimore
areas and the state capital in Annapolis.
Just about right.

Other anomolies noted:

At least 8 stations have their unproto messed up
with the path in the TOCALL field making them not 
appear on my map.  They may be UIview stations 
that have entered their UNPROTO path incorrectly...

The highest packet couint is a APT tracker transmitting
both a position and a separate status every minute.
Why doest he put the status in the position text?

Then there is an X-DIGI that is not transmititing an
identifying TOCALL.  I woiuld have thought that 
the X-DIGI would have had that built in so that
owners cant screw it up?

Just some observations.

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