[aprssig] Digi_Ned on the Linksys NSLU2

Guillaume Filion gfk at logidac.com
Fri Feb 10 10:24:06 EST 2006

Richard Hoskin a écrit :
> Hi,

Hi Richard,

> I've been looking into the possibility of the NSLU2 running UnSlug and
> Digi_Ned as a way to provide a reliable smart digipeater on a remote
> mountain top.
> Has anyone done this?
> If so, how and can you pass on some information on the build etc.

I've been playing with the NSLU2 myself, and I really like this little 
box. The most annoying thing I find with this however, is that it does 
not restart automatically if the power is cut. This can be a problem if 
the NSLU2 is located on a mountain top hours away from anything.

This page explains the problem and provides some solutions:

Also, for some unknown reason, Linksys decided to run the slug at 133 
MHz, despite the fact that Intel, the maker of the chip, designed it to 
run at 266 MHz -- twice as fast. Fortunately, the smart folks at 
NSLU2-Linux found out an easy way of doing this:

I only needed to remove one miniature resistor. I used an exacto blade 
to cut the solder on the left side of the resistor, then carefully 
inserted the tip of the blade under the resistor to lift it, then the 
solder on the right side of the resistor broke and the chip felt on the 

I sent a spray of compressed air one the board to make sure that no 
solder residue would get stuck somewhere a cause a short circuit. The 
whole operation took about 30 seconds; I found it much harder to open 
the case than to remove the resistor.

Have fun with the NSLU2!

Guillaume Filion, ing. jr
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