[aprssig] Northern Virginia - WIDE1-1

Brad [VE3BSM] lists.nospam at bpsmicro.com
Wed Feb 8 16:15:14 EST 2006

I'm rather fond of my Comet SMA503. I've had good signal reports from it,
but I had to reinforce where the thin wire goes into the connector because
it was starting to get kinked.

I'm still with the stock battery, plus a BP-11 backup (4 AA cells). 

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> Granted I'm biased since I picked up a D7 and I don't like to use the 
> long antenna since it pokes me the armpit -- still, there are stations 
> around (this area at least) on the air but not running as fillins.

Speaking of which, can anyone recommend a good aftermarket antenna for the
D7 that performs reasonably well without being a poking hazard?  And is
there any battery pack available that'll let the radio fit a normal human


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