[aprssig] APRS destination address for a new client software

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Feb 8 13:19:23 EST 2006

How would APCLXX do?
CL for cellular?

If you like it, you can have it.
APCXXX is reserved for WinCE, but
I have seen no activity there.  So
they will just have to not use APCLXX

Bob, Wb4APR

>>> frankose at ifi.uio.no 02/08/06 5:02 AM >>>
Hi all,

I'm currently developing an APRS client/tracker for cell phones using 
Java and a Bluetooth GPS receiver. For the time being I'm using APZ100 
as the destination address, but I would like to change it to something 
not so experimental, and hopefully unique to my application.  How do I 
proceed to acquire such an "official" identifier? Or do I just make one 
up for myself?

For those interested, more information about my application, and the 
application itself, is located at http://www.maprs.org/ 

Frank Olaf Sem-Jacobsen

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