[aprssig] digipeater query

w0ep w0ep at frii.com
Sat Feb 4 21:26:51 EST 2006

It turned out that my biggest problem was poor construction
of my transformer coupled interface box.

My local Radio Shack ordered me on of the 1000:8 transformers and
I will install that when it arrives.  But just touching up some
of my pitiful solder joints helped quite a bit.

And the old IC-2200 is still doing ok, putting out about 7 watts.

Thanks for the help,


On Fri, 2006-02-03 at 21:26 -0700, w0ep wrote:

> I built myself a transformer coupled interface a few months ago,
> and it seemed to me that the old digi was hearing things I was
> missing before that.  

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