[aprssig] slightly OT:recessed male twist and lock

Dale Blanchard wa7ixk at earthlink.net
Sat Feb 4 20:37:58 EST 2006

Wes Johnston wrote:
> Our state guard unit has a trailer (yes we use it for aprs), and the
> power cord is a standard 20 or 30amp RV 3 pin plug pigtail hanging out
> the trailer.  We end up adapting this to a twist and lock plug for our
> generator.  Does anyone know of a MALE recessed mount twist and lock or
> 30amp RV plug we can use?  Ideally I'd like to mount it in a single gang
> box on the tounge of the trailer to reduce cord clutter.  I do not want
> to be forced to use a male to male plug for running power from the genset.
Generators are required to have 4 pin grounding plug. Partly for 
construction sites.
The standard 4 pin generator cord has both 120V and 220 V.
The standard RV cable only carry 120V.
A genenerator has two separate 120V outlets that when in series are 240V
Or to put it another way a 240V center tapped system like the stupid USA 
Most RV's with generators, with two air conditioners run one AC on one 
leg and the other on the other 120 leg.
Boats have the same problem.
My generator came with a 30 foot cord that plugs into the 120/240 4 wire 
plug and terminates with 4 120v 15 amp female plugs to power 120 V 
Thos are available for about a $1.00 a foot.
Most generators come with one.
The boat stores have the 120V recessed male bulkhead connectors for 120V 
In other words you may have to make your own cable to match your needs.
I did for my house.

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