[aprssig] GPS276c

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Sat Feb 4 13:14:13 EST 2006

Any chance you could run it through the DNR Garmin utility
rmin.html) and find out what data types it sends?  A screen shot from the
Garmin Info screen would be good.

I've got Garmin protocol support for waypoint types D103, D104, D107, D108,
and D109 implemented and tested for the Tracker2.  (Thanks to everyone who's
loaned me a unit for testing!)  The protocols are different for
panel-mounted aviation devices, and as it stands now it won't work with
really old devices that don't support the protocol identification query.  If
there's enough interest, even that could probably be covered.

The tricky part is that every family of devices Garmin makes seems to have
different quirks - what characters they'll support in waypoint names, what
they'll take in comments, if they want space-filled or null-terminated
fields, and so on.  Some convert lower case to upper case, some just stop
processing the comment if they run into lower case.  Lots of fun, and I've
got to identify all of those quirks.  And today it looks like I've got to
figure out symbol mappings for the old-style units like the GPS 48....

The good news is that if I do it right, you'll never get that annoying
'Invalid Waypoint Received' message, the comment text will be as complete as
possible, and the displayed symbol will be the best match out of what your
unit can display.


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> I've just got my 276C... The display is FANTASTIC.. I've not 
> played with GPWPL sentences... but if you write me off 
> list... we'll give it a shot.
>  - jim
> On Wed, 01 Feb 2006 15:56:04 -0500
> Wes Johnston <aprs at kd4rdb.com> wrote:
> > I've decided to upgrade the GPS that I use with my d700 to a 276c
> > garmin.  Any complaints or comments?  The unit seems to 
> have two serial
> > ports that can be in two different modes at the same 
> time... I think I'd
> > run the D700 port in nmea and the 2nd port in garmin mode 
> for use with
> > other mapping programs.  Does this unit accept GPWPL sentances?  I
> > bought an original street pilot a few years ago and even though the
> > manual said it would accept GPWPL, it did not.  Just wanna make sure
> > this one does....
> > 
> > Wes
> > 
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