[aprssig] digipeater query

Jason Winningham jdw at eng.uah.edu
Sat Feb 4 11:01:46 EST 2006

On Feb 3, 2006, at 10:26 PM, w0ep wrote:

> Any comments?

I had consistently bad luck with any sound card interface (decoded  
maybe 1 packet out of 1000) until I found a web page that said you  
should use a 1:1 transformer for "data" port audio output, but you  
should use a 1000:8 transformer for feeding speaker output to a sound  
card interface.  After I picked up one of these at Radio Shack I  
immediately started decoding packets nearly as well as my D7.  This  
probably isn't your problem, but if you're thinking about buying a  
new transformer it's something to think about.



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