[aprssig] d700 question

Brian bjeeper at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 17:46:26 EST 2006

My answer would be a guess but it would be no? There should be no problem. I
really have no idea but I have done a lot of research on both units and have
never heard of that issue. I bet if you call Tom at Ham Radio Outlet in San
Diego he would know. He told me to call him if I have any problems. He has
installed a lot of the D700. His number is (858) 560-4928. 

Sorry I don't know much about that.


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Does the older D700 (pre3.0 nmea) have trouble reading a NMEA3.0 GPS
that is attached to it?  I know it cannot display dumbNMEA trackers that
send 3.0, but can it use the GPS locally to know it's own position?


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