[aprssig] Speed transmit suppression

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Fri Feb 3 17:41:44 EST 2006

At a glance, the TT3 doesn't seem to have that option.  Never noticed that

But yes, the OpenTracker will let you disable that, OR you can have it
switch configurations above a certain speed (say 65 mph) to selectively
disable speed reporting.  That way you don't get nagged by your significant
other about that 85 mph speed on findu.  (I always try to pass it off as a
metric conversion or rounding error, but I don't know if anyone's buying


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> On Fri, 3 Feb 2006, Floyd Rodgers wrote:
> > Ok, simple question most likely asked before;
> > Can ground speed be suppressed sending on transmitted 
> dated? If yes, then how?
> > (currently most interested in applying to tinyTrac3, but 
> tnc will come later)
> Check the TinyTrak3 config program:  It may have a checkbox for
> enabling/disabling speed.
> OpenTracker _does_ have such a checkbox.
> Another way to disable sending speed is to only pass NMEA sentence
> "GPGGA" to it from your GPS.  That sentence has altitude in it but
> no speed.
> "GPRMC" has course/speed, and is usually the one that gets parsed by
> the APRS TNC's in order to derive speed.
> As for a TNC, get one that is APRS-capable and then set it up to
> only send GPGGA sentences over the air.  Any NMEA sentence is rather
> long on the air, but this _would_ give you the sort of capability
> you're after.
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