[aprssig] GPS276c

Brian bjeeper at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 16:24:30 EST 2006

I have the 276C and I like it very much. It has a nice screen that is easy
to see. The unit comes with a nice cord that you can use to hook it up to
the GPS cord that came with your D700. Then it just plugs in, nice and easy.
It does have two serial ports but when I changed com two to NMEA it changes
com 1 from Garmin to none. Maybe I just haven't figured it out yet? The
manual says it does except GPWPL sentences.


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I've decided to upgrade the GPS that I use with my d700 to a 276c
garmin.  Any complaints or comments?  The unit seems to have two serial
ports that can be in two different modes at the same time... I think I'd
run the D700 port in nmea and the 2nd port in garmin mode for use with
other mapping programs.  Does this unit accept GPWPL sentances?  I
bought an original street pilot a few years ago and even though the
manual said it would accept GPWPL, it did not.  Just wanna make sure
this one does....


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