[aprssig] Eastern Seaboard DIGI's

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon May 30 22:12:57 EDT 2005

We still have a lot of digipeater work to do in the
MD/VA area.  From Baltimore, I see over 80 digipeaters 
on RF which means even if there were no users at all, 
the channel is over full of just DIGI beacons!  

DIGI BEACONS:  The BIGGEST problem is digis using 3 hop 
paths (or more) for their beacons in this area.  Remember
a 3 hop path from a digi covers the same area as a
4 hop path from a user.  And this is being done in
the most dense APRS network on the planet in the
Eastern Corridor where no more than 2 hops is 
recommended for users.

These digis from Northern VA to Boston should never
ID greater than 2 hops.   And all should be using the
smart DIGI beaconing algorithm of the New-N system.

OVERLAYS:  Only about 20% of the digis have re-configured
for the New-N settings, and most of the ones that did
are using the somewhat obsolete "L" overlay.  The "S"
overlay replaced the "L" overlay back in April.  The
"N" overlay is obsolete for all digis using the New-N


Western Maryland and WPA: May use 3-3
  WF8X-4 using 4 hops
  KB8CVP-7  using 4 hops
  N8EMZ-3 in ohio 365 mi away using 4-4

North Carolina, So VA: Should all be 2-2 or 3-3
  KD4PBS-3 260 miles away using 4 hops
  W4UNC    260 miles away using 5 hops
  NM4V-5   using 4 hops
  KD4ZB-3  using 5 hops
  WA4BWB-3 using 4 hops
  K4EME-3  using 4 hops
  KF4UCI-* using 4 hops
  N9WMU-3  using WIDE,WIDE
  N2EDG-3  using WIDE,WIDE

Northern MD and Centeral PA:  Should all be 2-2
  KF3M-1   using 3-3
  N3XBO-4  using 3-3
  W3ND-2   using 3-3 every 10 mins?
  N3XBO-5  using 3-3
  W3CE     using 3-3
  KB2EAR-1 using 3-3 in middle of NJ
  N2FFA-11 using WIDE,WIDE
  W3UD-3   using 3-3

CENTRAL MARYLAND:  Should all definately be 2-2
  KV3B-1 & 2 using WIDE,WIDE
  K3VOA in DC should change ALIAS from RELAY to WIDE1-1

Remember, a digi doing a WIDE3-3 is equivalent to
a user using W4-4 and just is way too much load
for this Eastern Seaboard.

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