[aprssig] indoor tracking.

Keith Kotch kkotch at earthlink.net
Mon May 30 18:32:17 EDT 2005

What about a form of Doppler direction finding?  Or receivers in different
locations tied together via a lan that would determine which receiver is
getting the strongest signal indicating an approximate location. The winning
lan station then transfers it's location appended to the callsign to the
main APRS transmitter.

Keith, KF4BXT

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Ick.  I don't like IR.  I'd rather see it use 802.15.4 or RFID.  And if
you're doing that you might as well put the smarts in the fixed station and
have it do the reporting itself.


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> Was thinking while I was travelling today and had an idea.  
> Follow me on this....
> I gave a lot of thought to repeating GPS signals indoors.  
> This was disussed last week, and the solution would involve 
> getting a coax thru the roof at dayton for example.  Even 
> then, everyone would read the same position as the out side 
> antenna.  So, why not program a fake GPS transmitter that 
> would transmit a NMEA string that contained that position?  
> Do it in such a way that any aprs tracker in proximity would hear.
> What if we were to build a IR transmitter that had a real 
> time clock in it, and each second transmitted a NMEA sentance 
> with a preprogrammed location and the correct UTC time?  Such 
> a unit could be placed in the entrances to the halls in 
> dayton and programmed to the location of the entryway.  By 
> maintaining the approximate correct time, any tiny tracks 
> programmed for slotted beacons would still operate properly.

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