[aprssig] lat/long..... dead horse issue yet? sexagesimal conversion

K. Mark Caviezel kmcaviezel at yahoo.com
Sun May 29 13:34:06 EDT 2005

>And the use of seconds is totally obsolete...


Not to the FAA, as least not to the Denver area FSDO. 
I submitted paperwork for a part 101 non-exempt (over
12 lb) launch a while ago, with the launch site
specified to gnat's ass precision in ddd mm.mmm
accuracy.   I was more than a bit shocked and dismayed
when the FAA called me up, told me that dd mm ss.s was
the only acceptable format, and, worse, seemed to be
completely unknowledgeable on how to turn dd mm.mmm
into dd mm ss.s.  
By the way, in all the traffic on this topic, not one
ham has mentioned the underlying process:  SEXAGESIMAL
CONVERSION.   Be sure to inject that into everyday
conversation to bring all adjacent conversations to a
screeching halt.   Hmmm I wonder how many spam filters
will squelch out this message? 

- KMC ng0x Denver
.....just got my LTA pilot's certificate on Friday and
can confirm that dd mm.mm is indeed more useful than
dd.dddd when trying to plot something on aviation
maps, although I like dd.dddd as it is less verbose in
the unfortunate event that one needs to read positions
verbally over the air.  Bottom line, the reality is
that we live in a world with many standards, and a
competent navigator should be fluent in dd.dddd, dd
mm.mmm as well as dd mm ss.s   In many search and
rescue operations the SAR guys will be interfacing
with non-expert rescuees.  (uhmmm, this could explain
why they need to be rescued).  Any expert navigator
should be fluent in all standards regardless of which
standard they prefer, chances are they will soon
enough be interfacing with someone who knows much


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