[aprssig] Garmin GPS SERIAL VS USB

Kurt O. Jauss kf6hjo at earthlink.net
Sat May 28 22:00:48 EDT 2005

    My Garmin 296 Avation model has USB for programing and downloads as 
well as 2 serial ports. One port can be set for NMEA/NMEA and the other 
port set fot text output or several  other outputs..

Tyson S. wrote:

>I was just at the garmin website and I see that all of the higher end
>mapping gps units have USB, does this mean that they have BOTH serial
>and USB? or does this mean that they are now useless for APRS with a
>Tiny Trak or a TH-D7A(G)? I need a small mapping GPS with SERIAL OUT
>(NMEA) and a color screen.

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