[aprssig] Icom D-STAR GPS Mode and APRS

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Sat May 28 14:01:07 EDT 2005

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> Subject: Re: [aprssig] Icom D-STAR GPS Mode and APRS
> 1)  Am i correct in assuming that an Icom transceiver (or 
> other D-Star equipped radio) will be required at the Igate  site?  

Yes.  A D-STAR repeater can provide this feed, as well.

Of course, the D-STAR radios can be used in analog mode allowing TNC
connections to the accessory plug and therefore they can run on the
standard APRS frequency with the use of an external TNC.

> 2)  Am i correct in assuming that these radios will only be 
> able to operate direct to an Igate, since normal APRS 
> digipeaters would totally 
> ignore these non-AX25 transmissions?    (Unless one were to 
> add a D-Star 
> radio to every digipeater site.)

Yes, but that is a good thing.  The data transmission occurs
concurrently with voice transmissions (D-STAR voice is digital).
Therefore, when operating a D-STAR in digital mode through a D-STAR
repeater, the data will be seen by all.  This eliminates AX.25 from the
equation AND it therefore eliminates source routing completely.

As I said in my previous post, I did not make the announcement to
discuss the good and bad of D-STAR.  I am not an Icom D-STAR owner at
this time (the test radios were loaned to me) nor do I think full
discussion of D-STAR is appropriate for an APRS SIG.  However, I do
believe it is significant for those contemplating purchase of a VHF/UHF
D-STAR to know that the GPS mode can now be used in conjunction with an
IGate and that the D-STAR data channel can be used for APRS clients to
communicate to each other or via an IGate to the rest of the APRS world.


Pete Loveall AE5PL
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