[aprssig] How to filter out the CW weather stations??

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Thu May 26 23:14:44 EDT 2005

You can use an exclude filter such as -p/CW  More info on server filter
settings is at

CW stations make up less than 5% of the stations and objects found in
the entire APRS-IS.  If you are having troubles with redraws, etc. it
would probably be worth checking your log settings (are you logging
every weather report, a default in some software) and your range

It has been discussed before, and maybe now is a good time to bring it
up again, to move the CW stations to their own APRS-IS subnet, similar
to the Firenet setup.  It would leave them available to those who want
to get their information while isolating their data from the general
APRS-IS data stream.  As the CWOP continues to grow, this might be
something to consider.  It would take some coordination with the server
operators, the software authors, and Steve Dimse (since the NWS uses
findU to collect their data).  javAPRSSrvr (the server software
involved) is very capable of this type of subnet and has been proven
with Firenet.

Any such move would "never" be all inclusive for multiple reasons:

CW sysops, like hams, are volunteers and may not upgrade their software.
Many CW sysops may not change their settings.
Many CW sysops are hams and want their info on APRS-IS.


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> From: Anna M Reeves
> Posted At: Thursday, May 26, 2005 9:14 PM
> Subject: [aprssig] How to filter out the CW weather stations??
> Is there a filtered feed that will block those MANY, MANY 
> weather stations from the TCPIP? Sometimes I don't care about 
> the weather every place and my computer fills up and then 
> hangs up or the redraw is so SLOW because of the traffic. 

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