[aprssig] APRS LAT/LONG standards

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu May 26 18:25:49 EDT 2005

>Chill.  Direct attacks have no benefit here.  
>Neither do strong unsupported positions.
>Aviation GPS uses decimal degrees.  

Sorry, I have an entire department of Naval 
Avaitors and civilian pilots who all to-a-man say 
they dont!  Just like all surface navigation, that the FAA 
and Aeronautical charts, and the Airport  
Directories ALL 100% use the APRS, and GPS 
and Navy and civilian standard of Degrees 
and Decimal Minutes.  

Their opinion is similar, that the only people who use
decimal degrees are programmers, and the ever
increasing generation of electronic button pushers
who just pick a number off a GPS without having
to use it on a chart or infer its manual application.

Look at an aeronautical chart, All the airports,
the VOR's the TACANS and all positions are in
Degrees and decimal minutes.  Just like APRS
was designed to be...

>The conversion is...., several alternatives 
>for use in the form of utility scripts.

Which is exactly the problem.  The reason for
having a standard is so that we all speak a
common language.  Not having to do mental
divide by 60 or always have a calculator handy.

When a helo is being directed to a landing zone
by GPS coordinates, it should be in the same
format as on a GPS, as on a chart, as on APRS.
And that is DEG and decimal Minutes:

DD MM.mmmm...

And the use of seconds is totally obsolete...


Robert Bruninga wrote:
>>>>steve at dimse.com 5/26/2005 1:12:13 PM >>>
>>findU uses decimal degrees, and will continue to do so.
> Which is one of the biggest problems in APRS.
> There is no classical navigation system that uses
> decimal degrees for navigation.  ANd it is not
> the APRS standard, nor the GPS standar and it 
> only causes these kinds of problems.
> Why do you feel it is important to be out of step 
> with the rest of the GPS world, APRS and all other
> classic systems of navigation?
> Bob
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