[aprssig] APRS LAT/LONG standards

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu May 26 15:08:17 EDT 2005

I dont know.  But I hear complaints frequently
enough...  Bob

>>> kf4otn at ericsatcom.net 5/26/2005 12:55:29 PM >>>
What pieces of software still do not use DEG and MIN?

kf4otn at amsat.org 

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> > The Sky Diamond 7 payload has been retrieved,
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> One problem noted in the after-action summary was
> the problem of converting between GPS coordinates
> from Decimal degrees to DEGREES and MINUTES.
> This is exactly why the APRS standard for GPS
> coordinates in HAM radio was supposed to be the
> GPS standard of DEG and decimal MINUTES.  So
> that we wouldn't always have to be doing conversions.
> Some of the follow-on APRS clones did not follow
> this standard and this strong advice and simply
> used the convenient programmers format of
> decimal degreees because that is how they do 
> computations.   When I complained that this is 
> NOT used by ANY human system of navigation
> and that it will only lead to frustration by the users, 
> the response was "Oh, they can click on it and 
> bring up a menu and convert to any format 
> they want".
> ARGH...
> This is OK, but it is furstrating to always have
> to do conversions when the OBJECTIVE and GOAL
> of APRS was to have a standard for human-to
> human tactical information interchange and that
> inclludes the human-to-human echange of
> LAT/LONGS and that is why the APRS standard
> was chosen to match the GPS standard of
> DEG and MINUTES to avoid conversions.
> Please, lets get everyone trained to use 
> DEG and decimal minutes in all HAM radio.
> THanks,
> Off my stump.
> de WB4APR, Bob
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