[aprssig] Weather warning page

Dixon, Tim tdixon at anteon.com
Wed May 25 10:46:41 EDT 2005

You probably know already, but you'll want to restart your http server
or your app server.  Looks like it's giving an error message.


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I added a new cgi to findU, warn-page.

Previously warn-near.cgi and the new warn rss feed pointed to warn-
text.cgi to display individual warnings as a simple text page. The new
page has a table layout similar to other findU pages, and automatically
includes the radar image for the area with the warning.  


The old warn-text.cgi is still available, I know some people were doing
parsing of this, so I created a new cgi instead of changing the existing
one, nothing should be broken...

Steve K4HG

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