[aprssig] Dual Configurations in EPROM

Ed L. Locklear, KF4CHG kf4chg at earthlink.net
Mon May 23 08:14:28 EDT 2005

Ed L. Locklear, KF4CHG wrote:

> Mark Cheavens wrote:
>> I am looking for a utility or how-to for loading two configurations. 
>> (KISS mode and Ui-Digi) into a single 27C512 and use the hi/lo pin 1 
>> configuration switch.
>> I am tired of switching and having to keep multiple roms at sites for 
>> testing.
>> Thanks,
>> Mark Cheavens
> Mark,

> Now here is the KICKER, if you have joined the UIDIGI Yahoo Group and 
> have read the how-to setup UIDIGI in a MFJ-1270.  You'll have noticed 
> the jumpers on the board have either been removed from one location and 
> installed to another jumper location and a chip removal at U40.  All the 
> above will be of no use for bank switching.  You will have to install 
> others switches to turn off/on U40, make the other jumpers switch back 
> and forth from MFJ or UIDIGI.  Maybe you could find a TPTT (triple pole 
> triple through) switch some where or just use your imagination on how 
> many switches you will need.

Should have read triple pole triple throw.  Fingers don't spell to well. 
Hi, Hi

> Ed, KF4CHG

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