[aprssig] Sky Diamond 7 solar Montgolfier aloft now!

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Sun May 22 18:19:56 EDT 2005

I need to find something that'll show a view from the ground or an outside
observer - this program's limited in that respect.  I think STK might do it,
but not for free.

These were generated using 3DEM (now freeware!).  Track log was copied from
aprsworld.net and reformatted in Excel.  The terrain model and image
overlays came from gisdatadepot.com.  Unfortunately the MrSID images either
don't have the proper metadata for georeferencing, or it gets lost in the
conversion to TIF.  So for the color orthophoto overlay I had to use another
map program to find coordinates for a couple of reference points and enter
those manually.

I did some better animations for another flight back in July '03 - I forget
which one that was.  But that one landed in some more interesting terrain
and wasn't right on the edge of a quad.

NASA World Wind does this sort of stuff, but seamlessly and in real-time.
If you haven't seen it yet, check it out - it's worth the huge download.
I'd love to get a real-time APRS feed into it - it'd be the perfect client
for tracking things like this.


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> These images are awsome!!
> Chris
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