[aprssig] Re: WIDEn-N and the New Paradigm for UIDIGI

Henk de Groot henk.de.groot at hetnet.nl
Mon May 16 11:53:34 EDT 2005

Robert Bruninga schreef:
> But for now, we need the WIDE2 on the end so
> that we know what the packet *was*.  If it arrives
> as DIGI1,DIGI2, the existing rules imply this started
> as a non-desired WIDE,WIDE.  If we loose the

Okay, I updated the new paradigm rule-file template using this, leaving a 
WIDE2* at the end when 2 hops are done.

There is a lot you can do with DIGI_NED, but with the current version I 
cannot selectively remove a second WIDE2-2. DIGI_NED can remove all calls 
that follow the WIDE2-2 but since I don't want to remove trailing 
directives like IGATE, and RFONLY, I just leave it at that.

We can always change it when wide scale WIDE2-2,WIDE2-2 abuse pops up but 
for now I would regard it as a feature that allows longer paths if you 
realy, realy need to for some odd reason...

By the way, in this template I also removed digipeating on destination 
call SSID, it was not used much anyway. If somebody wants it, the rules 
can be copied from the old rule-file.

Kind regards,


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