[aprssig] Path for low(er) altitude balloon

Jason Winningham jdw at eng.uah.edu
Mon May 16 07:41:36 EDT 2005

It depends on your digi coverage, especially in the landing area, and 
on how close you can get to the balloon when it's about to land.  If 
you have the ability to switch configs based on altitude, use WIDE2-2 
lower (say, less than 5k or 10k) and WIDE2-1 higher.

Don't worry about the low power.  Local guys routinely fly balloons 
with 340mW Alincos, and there is no problem.  I think Saturday's flight 
by the UT ARC use a pocket tracker, and the digis around here heard it 
just fine (that's Knoxville to Huntsville, ~200 miles as the packet 


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