[aprssig] Re: WIDEn-N and the New Paradigm for UIDIGI

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun May 15 08:29:00 EDT 2005

This is great news.
I agree.  Since it appears to work, then we should drop
WIDE1-1 from the UIDigi calls and let it just operate
normally.  The UIDIG ROM therefore with this new setting
will fully support all aspects of the New-N system with
the only exception of less-than-perfect beacon timing.

Doesnt this also solve the problem of the "extra-digipeat"
problem too?  That is, it was reported that WIDE2-2 under
UIDIGI actually did 3 hops:

WIDE2-2  original
WIDE2-1  1st hop
WIDE2     2nd hop
WIDE2*   3rd hop but only by another UIDIGI ROM

Now that the WIDE2 will be marked as used on its
first appearance, this also solves that problem too.
As soon as Ron concurs and incorporates this into
his WEB page, then lets get the word out.


>>> Richard Jenkins <rejenkins at adelphia.net> 05/15/05 7:51 AM >>>

The same statement that I made in the previous message applies here,
namely our area has yet to change to the new paradigm and my testing
has been done with the current settings and translated to what will
happen under the new paradigm.

Because the WIDEn-N command will take the place of the TRACE command,
path callsigns will be inserted as they are used.  The only question
becomes what to do with WIDE1-1.

I'd like to thank Cap Pennell for his testing of the TRACE command
using UITRFl = 2 ie: bit 1 put "Has been repeated" flag on TRACE1-1
(WIDE1-1) and finding it successful.  I also tried it with the TRACE
command here and found that it works apparently all the time.

Therefore I would recommend that UITRFl = 2 be added to the new
paradigm to correctly handle the WIDE1-1 command.

I would also recommend that WIDE1-1 be removed from the UIDigi calls
list and allow it to run normally.  This will add one more phrase to
the digi list, namely WIDE1* which could aggravate a bad situation
with high values of n ie: WIDE1-1,WIDE7-7 where a total of 10 entries
could be made into a field where 8 is the maximum.  The present
version of the new paradigm would have a maximum of 9 entries.  The
choice is yours.

Dick  w2gwy

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