[aprssig] power diodes

Dave Anderson dandersn at citicom.com
Sat May 14 19:17:13 EDT 2005

International Rectifier 175bgq030 is my choice on this, Wes.  

Rated at 175 amps and only have a .45 volt drop passing thru them these
schottky diodes work great for isolating a battery bank and a power supply.


Digikey stocks them 175BGQ030J-ND.

If you have ever seen a Samlex America Battery Isolation module for 100
amps, this is all that's in them, alone with a  resistor  to current limit
charge the battery.


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     >Does anyone have any suggestions of partnumbers of diodes 
     >that will handle upto 40amps?  I need two to Y together 
     >our 12v supply with a rather large battery bank.  This is 
     >for our local voice repeater which happens to also be the 
     >mic-e repeater for the area.
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