[aprssig] Any more changes?

Bruce, KQ4TV aprs at almostanywhere.com
Wed May 11 08:48:14 EDT 2005

I plan to spend 8-10 hours Friday going to each of the digis that I 
manage and reprogram them to the New n-N Paradigm standards.
I have two UIdigi and one KPC3 v8.2 digis. I need to burn the UIdigi 
eproms Thursday afternoon.
I burned an eprom and changed one digi only to have everything change 
within days making the programming nearly obsolete though still usable. 
I reprogrammed the KPC3 only to find out the next day that the 
recommendations had changed and that digi became unusable.

Are there any more changes being contemplated?

I have a question concerning the UIdigi programming.
How should the UIFLOODOptions  parameter be set?

// UIFLOOD Algorithm flag  (default 0)
//  bit 0 make call substitution after the last WIDEn-n digied
//  bit 1 insert callsign before WIDEn-n
// UIFLDfl [n]
UIFLOODOptions         =       1

Bruce, KQ4TV
Bruce W. Martin, KQ4TV
Trustee for NT4UX
Nashville Linux User Group - Amateur Radio- Special Interest Group

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