[aprssig] Waypoints...

Jason Winningham jdw at eng.uah.edu
Tue May 10 16:56:32 EDT 2005

On May 10, 2005, at 3:31 PM, Rodney Padmore wrote:

> I have a D-700 being fed data from a GPS18PC. I also have a GPSIII+ 
> and would like to get waypoints displayed on the GPS screen from the 
> D-700,GPS18PC set up. Is this possible through the DB-9 connector?

I'd think it would be easier to just switch to the III+ instead of the 
18, but since you asked:

I doubt you could get waypoints through the DB9, but you could probably 
make a 2.5mm cable such that the TX and ground go to the III+, and the 
RX and ground go to the 18.  The 700 would hear the 18 and talk to the 
III+.  Since you don't really need to talk to the 18 anyway, this could 
be your permanent cable, with a dangling DB9 waiting to plug into the 
III+ when you want to use it.  I haven't actually tried this, so be 
sure and let us know if it works. (:

I have a similar issue occasionally, in that I have a Trimble SV6 
(engine only, no display) in the truck, but once in a while I would 
like to use the MAP60 on the dash.  I just swap the 2.5mm cables on the 
D700, which isn't too much trouble with my rig's installation.


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