[aprssig] User created findU pages

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Tue May 10 11:34:02 EDT 2005

On May 9, 2005, at 7:48 PM, Brad McConahay wrote:

> I finally got a chance to make this script use shorter style  
> variables such
> as "$call" and "$speed", as k4hg had originally envisioned.
> The complete list of variables is at:
> http://aprs.n8qq.com/replace/index.cgi?varlist=1

This is very cool!

For those of you who have not followed the technical discussion, this  
provides an easy way for anyone that can write a web page to add  
their live data to it. For example, a few people over the years have  
asked for a page with just the top text of the find or wxpage cgis.  
It is now trivial for YOU to be able to do that, in exactly the  
format you want.

Steve K4HG

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