[aprssig] Coverage on Natchez Trace in TN

Sean Jewett sean at rimboy.com
Sun May 8 17:35:31 EDT 2005

Looks to be pretty much non-existant:


This is a drive I took yesterday.  Kenwood D700 on medium power and path
of WIDE2-2.  I headed from Nashville down I-65 to exit 14.  There was a 
pretty big hole from Franklin/Columbia until about a mile or two before I 
took the exit.  Exit 14 is US Hwy 64 and from there I headed West to check 
on a tower site near Waynesboro TN which will hopefully be home to a digi 
soon.  I also wanted to see what if any impact the new digi in Florence AL 
had on coverage in the area.  Only two packets made it out along US64, one 
of those being at the tower site.

>From there I headed up the Natchez Trace.  It would appear that I did not 
get a single packet out, even when I got near Franklin TN.  I could hear 
the W4GGM repeater in Columbia, but apparently not the digi there either.  
Once I got closer to Nashville on the Trace I started hearing stations but 
it appears nothing heard me.  

Aside from the antenna I have everything else I need to put a station up 
at Waynesboro.  This should cover the Trace in that area and likewise fill 
in a major hole.  From there it's anyone's guess as to what it will take 
to fill in other holes along the Trace north of Waynesboro.  We keep our 
eyes open for potential sites, a little bit of legwork with an old ATT 
Longlines map netted us the Waynesboro site.  However, I don't see other 
areas along the Trace being filled in as quickly as a few of us might.


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