[aprssig] 2.5mm stereo plug for THD7A

Dale Blanchard wa7ixk at earthlink.net
Sat May 7 18:36:33 EDT 2005

I have used several from Radio Shack. It is better to not use RS plugs. 
Find some extenstion molded on ones from cell.
phone stuff . They are more reliable than solder it yourself stuff.   R 
S has a long curlly cord extention for a cell phone.
I cut one into and used that . The female part can be used for somteing 
else. Every cell phone head set has one.
I buy junk stuff at the swap meets and cut them off.

Stan Horzepa wrote:

>Need a 2.5mm stereo plug for my Kenwood THD7A. I went to the local Radio
>Shack and they don't carry that item. Any suggestions where I may obtain
>this item pronto?
>Stan, WA1LOU
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