[aprssig] aprsd drops mic-e characters

Kauto Huopio oh2lfm at sral.fi
Sat May 7 17:46:56 EDT 2005

> >>>I guess it wasn't fixed then, at least 2.2.5-13 contains it
> >> It was fixed at one point, in some distributions.  Some of the older
> >I meant the aprsd at sourceforge, just to be clear.
> Just because something is posted at sourceforge does not guarantee it is
> correct.  Obviously, the version you are modifying contains code that may
> have been obsoleted a long time ago.

Ok. What is the official distribution site for aprsd source code?

If it is not sourceforge, then why the sourceforge distribution has
been allowed to lapse so much behind?

Just wondering, taking X amount of Linux distributions and looking the
codebase used for aprsd - where do they take the code from?

Just answering "it is not correct" - "it is obsolete" does not give a clue
for the right place.

And something should be definately done regarding the sourceforge aprsd
code tree - many take it as the right one.


--Kauto OH2LFM

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