[aprssig] DIGI ID packets?

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Sat May 7 10:28:11 EDT 2005

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> Subject: [aprssig] DIGI ID packets?
> The New-N paradigm really is the ultimate fix for the APRS 
> network.  We should have done it years ago...

Yes, it should have been done years ago.  No, it is not the "ultimate
fix for the APRS network".  As long as there are TNC's with bad dupe
checking (KPC 3+'s) or no dupe checking (TNC2's without UIDIGI) in use,
there will be problems with any solution that depends on source routing.
For that matter, even IF all TNC's did proper dupe checking, source
routing still defeats the ability for APRS LAN's to be properly

The "ultimate fix for the APRS network" is to move away from source
routing (user-defined paths) and to implement sound network design
principles at the digipeater and gateway level.


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