[aprssig] User created findU pages

Mark Cheavens mcheavens at usa.net
Thu May 5 22:12:30 EDT 2005

I'd like to see heading and a time of last packet (that could be +/- GMT so 
that you could display local time or "minutes" ago. (packet age).

I do use some of the other features you support. My favorite map for 
Houston use is:


At 08:26 PM 5/5/2005, you wrote:
>     From:       steve at dimse.com
>     Subject:     User created findU web pages
>     Date:     May 5, 2005 9:11:46 PM EDT
>     To:       steve at dimse.com
>On Apr 23, 2005, at 11:03 AM, Steve Dimse wrote:
>>This would be a nice project for someone else to do, let the user
>>specify a url in the page request, the server grabs the user's page
>>from his own web space (everyone can get web space somewhere) and
>>replaces any variables using Brad's XML service.
>Here is a proof of concept. First, at this URL
>I have this file:
>This is a test of the replace cgi...
>The speed of $call is $speed!
>I placed this on a different virtual server than findU.com to
>emphasize this file is to reside on the user's server, not one of
>mine. When you pass a callsign and the URL to the replace cgi like this:
>You get output that looks like this:
>This is a test of the replace cgi...
>The speed of K4HG-8 is 56.0!
>Right now these are the only two variables this supports. I'll
>consider developing this further if there is interest, but really,
>this is something I'd much rather see someone else do...
>So any interest from users or programmers?
>Steve K4HG
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