[aprssig] Legality of APRS Tactical Callsign Use long after anEvent is Over

Ian ik7565 at verizon.net
Mon May 2 07:06:09 EDT 2005

I use a tactical callsign for several events. Just put your real callsign in
the status message and set the message transmit interval to 1/1. No problemo
with FCC. But a little misleading to continue after the event is over.

73 de Ian

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What do you mean "still" legal?  It has always been legal to use 
tactical callsigns for any length of time, as long as the station 
callsign is given once every ten minutes.  It is not necessarily good 
practice to continue the use of tactical callsigns after an event has 
ended, however it is far from illegal.

Phil Pacier - AD6NH
B2V APRS Coordinator

Jason Creager wrote:

>Hi everyone,
>Quick question: Is it still legal for an APRS station to transmit a
>tactical callsign for the event several days after its conclusion as long
>as the transmissions are legally IDed?
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