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> EVERYTHING is obsolete except for WIDEn-N

> there is no more future need for RELAY, WIDE,

> TRACE, TRACEn-N, nor SS.  There are only 

> two mechanisms.  UIFLOOD with ID and UITRACE


Bob, You are talking about the USA here.

Not all countries will bother with your "New N Paradigm" when the original
RELAY WIDE TRACE works very well.

REMEMBER that the US is only one of a large number of countries where there
are customers that would be interested in the new digipeater.


>> Is there any reason for me to include support for TRACE?


> Be very careful with terms.  There used to be TRACE

> and TRACEn-N.  Both are totally different processes.

> "TRACE" is completely obsolete.  "TRACEn-N" using

> the UITRACE paramete is being replaced by SSn-N 

> where SS is the state or section abbreviation.




> Plesase reveiw the New N Paradigm that is the

> basis for the future of APRS:


Again REMEMBER it's not the future for APRS in all countries of the world
and may never be.

You assisted in created a global system which is great. Some of us will
never see more than a few hundred APRS stations in our countries. The
original RELAY WIDE TRACE WIDEn-N & TRACEn-N works very well for all these


> thanks!

> Bob






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