UIDIGI & TNC-220 (was RE: [aprssig] New Paradigm progress map?)

Dave Baxter dave at emv.co.uk
Wed Aug 31 06:16:36 EDT 2005


Educate me, UIDIGI, make EPROM?

The TNC-220 was a design somewhere between the TNC-200 and Tiny-2, and
has somewhat different hardware.  About the only common feature was the
use of the Z80.  It used the SCC chip, the one that has all the X25 bit
stuffing/stripping logic built in, not the one that the TNC-2 and Tiny-2
used. (The SIO chip as far as I remember)

I built one 220 from a kit way back, one of the first batch in the UK I
was told at the time, and had to debug it (the original design had some
hardware "features", as well as those of the original firmware!) but it
works very well with the Texas modem chip, not the Xar parts, no
threshold pot to fiddle with, it just works.  The later firmware had
KISS and all that too, and works well with Ui-View in that mode.

I have three 220's, one currently in use, well, it lives on a shelf
powered up, but without a radio at the moment, to keep the backup
battery happy.  The other two work, but have earlier firmware in, so are
"in store" as it were.  (Dead backup batt's too)

What does UIDIGI do then?  Does it support CW ident (UK licensing
requirements) is the TNC-220 in it's database?  Is it customisable?
Ie. CW ID, only if the digi is/has been active etc, not a standard
feature of the existing FW, at least not the version I have.

Dave B.  G0WBX.

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> Personally I've only used UIDIGI to make a new EPROM for a 
> old MFJ TNC digi, but in the database at the UIDIGI 
> YahooGroup Tim N8DEU says it works with a PacComm TINY-2 
> MK-2.  Maybe then a PacComm TNC220 too?
> 73, Cap

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