RRe: [aprssig] Funny path admission WAS:Why use this path?

N0YXV - Stan Coleman n0yxv at gihams.org
Wed Aug 31 02:09:11 EDT 2005

If it was me I'd try to contact the person. If they are reasonable they
will welcome the help from another Ham. I know when I was first setting
up my station I'd have welcomed input if I had something setup wrong. In
fact I still welcome input as I'm smart enough to know that I don't know
it all. I think sometimes it's all in HOW we tell these folks they have
a problem. Don't forget there are no APRS Police and we shouldn't self
appoint ourselves as one.

>Something funny that I shouldnt admit to, but I will just for kicks. I 
>sometimes see stations that are totally setup wrong like this for
>callsign>WIDE4-4,APRS  text goes here
>Part of me wants to send the guy a msg and say hey, you got the path 
>setup wrong. But then part of me wants to let a sleeping dog lay
>sure as the world I send the msg, it then starts going out like:
>callsign>APRS,WIDE4-4   text goes here
>So, its a dilemma. Correct the person and then live with a WIDE4-4 
>(because it seems most users that I msg about paths never reduce, they 
>just correct) or do I just keep it to myself?
>Thought someone might relate to that,

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