[aprssig] Re: Why use this path?

Andy AB9FX ab9fx at aprs.pl
Tue Aug 30 17:10:38 EDT 2005

> It's a clueless user on HF.  He's probably beaconing on 10.149 .    ECHO 
> is the HF equivalent of "RELAY" .  "GATE" tells a receiving station with a 
> dual-port HF/VHF TNC to retransmit the packet on VHF.   WIDE3-3 is the 
> usual VHF path.

I think, this is only APRS-IS traffic, I-gated by itself, and there is no 
any standard Destination Address as AP.... or similar. And of course, 
evidence of misunderstanding APRS network rules. In real network, if ECHO is 
some Destination Address, GATE is first step to pass from HF to VHF, only 
WIDE3-3 is cluttering and probably most stations do not see him on the map, 
just on terminal because of Destination Address.

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