[aprssig] Tiny Tracker?

Bruce Coates bruce.coates at Sasktel.net
Tue Aug 30 14:46:40 EDT 2005

We have a similar culprit around here and it's because he has a very small 
turn angle set in his smart beaconing.  The slightest change in his heading 
generates yet another packet.  Travelling down one of our many straight 
roads can initiate several packets/minute just because of slight shifts in 
the bearing reported by the GPS.  Going around an interchange or entering a 
parking lot often generates dozens packets.  I've actually put him in my 
BUDLIST on the main digipeater to try to keep a handle on the QRM.

Attempts at education have so far failed miserably.  ;-)

73, Bruce - VE5BNC

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We have a Tiny Tracker APT311 that has been
generateing over 450 packets per hour for the
last 24 hours (or more, I just noticed it last

His main settings appear to be:
1) a 30 second rate
2) both a posit AND separate STATUS packet every time
3) a WIDE2-2 path.

I am emailing him to suggest what he can do to
reduce his load on the network, but I want to make
sure that in fact he can make these changes on
this particular hardware.

1) put his comment text in his posit.  Turn off STATUS
2) OR set a Status rate that is 10% of
    his posit rate.
3) Reduce his rate to 2 minutes routine.
4) Do smart beaconing or change rates
    while parked, or turn it off when not
5) Change to WIDE1-1 if he needs the
   higher rates for some reason...


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