[aprssig] Online telemetry

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Mon Aug 29 17:56:53 EDT 2005

Whoops, that was supposed to be off-list.  =]

But I'll second Jim's statement that APRS telemetry doesn't really cut it. 
I think OpenTRAC does a better job (at least you've got floating point 
support and some SI units) but there's definitely room for improvement, and 
it's not going to help the general public any time soon anyway.

If I do a new format, it'll probably use Base 64 encoding.  Any reasonably 
complex telemetry format's either going to have to be not human readable, or 
extremely verbose.  I'd rather make it more efficient and deal with the 
complexity on the display side.

Scott, N1VG

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> Keep in mind that I'm actively tweaking that flash thing - it's down a lot 
> at the moment.  If you don't see a thermometer and a reading, it's not 
> working.
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>> Feel free to give me some ideas for aprsworld. I never really had any 
>> concept
>> I particularly liked, so the interface didn't progress very far.
>> Now that my new wind data logging product (shameless plug:
>> http://aprsworld.com/wind2/) is sending telemetry (KB0THN-2), I finally 
>> have
>> a station that I know about to test with. Well, actually it is sending a 
>> user
>> defined / custom packet, but the concept is the same.
>> I would mention that the APRS spec telemetry format is really limited. 
>> 8-bit
>> ADC doesn't really cut it. That's why I had to craft my own user defined
>> packet.
>> -Jim KB0THN

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