[aprssig] New Paradigm progress map?

VE7GDH ve7gdh at rac.ca
Mon Aug 29 17:09:29 EDT 2005

Stephen WA8LMF wrote on 29/08/2005

> >http://members.cruzio.com/~cap/aprsmaps/S1usa.PNG
> >http://members.cruzio.com/~cap/aprsmaps/S1west.PNG
> >http://members.cruzio.com/~cap/aprsmaps/S1east.PNG
> Are these examples generated from real data?
> I can't believe there are that many digis of any kind in northwestern
> Minesota, central Wisconsin, Nova Scotia/Newfoundland or
> northeastern Nevada!

Before anyone says that Newfoundland doesn't appear on any of the maps shown
at the above URLs, keep in mind that Labrador and Newfoundland officially
joined a while back, so what shows as NF on one of those maps is indeed
"Labrador and Newfoundland." However, unlike Minnesota, there weren't any 
Newfie digis shown on the map that included Newfoundland. <G>

73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
"I may be lost, but I know exactly where I am!"

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