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Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Aug 29 10:45:38 EDT 2005

The easy answer is to get everyone to update
to the New-N... hi hi

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Hi All

I have been looking at the changes introduced by the new n-N paradigm and 
the impact this has on my software UI-Path32. What I have realised is that 
there is a fundamental issue with decoding the paths with a network which 
has digi's supporting both the new and the old APRS network design.

Consider the following:

Digipeater G0AAA has been configured for the new n-N paradigm
Digipeater G0BBB is running the old style RELAY,WIDE etc.

Digipeaters G0AAA and G0BBB are within range of each other.

Station M0AAA transmits a UI packet with the unproto of APRS,WIDE4-4:

This give us (in this example)

M0AAA to APRS,WIDE4-4 (Original packet)
> Test

M0AAA to APRS,WIDE4-3 (G0BBB digis)
> Test

M0AAA to APRS,G0AAA,WIDE4-2 (G0AAA digis the previous packet)
> Test

It now appears looking at the path that M0AAA is heard direct by G0AAA when 
it was actually G0BBB that heard M0AAA direct

As well as this the recommended unproto of APRS,WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1 makes it 
impossible for UI-Path32 to be sure that the station is heard direct. It 
could be that WIDE2-1 came about because an old style digi was used and just 
decremented the N

Don't read this e-mail as a rant; I am just looking for a solution to put in 
UI-Path32 that will allow it to handle both the old style and new style APRS 
network design.

Andy, M0CYP - Telford

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