[aprssig] Igates Are A Fair Weather Solution (was: "Finito")

Jason Winningham jdw at eng.uah.edu
Sun Aug 28 19:08:12 EDT 2005

My understanding of the NewN-N paradigm is that the state/regional 
prefix (e.g. FLn-n) was designed specifically _not_ to be limited for 
the very reason you're talking about.  If FLn-n is being limited, 
somebody missed the point.

If weather info is such a critical use of your network, perhaps a 
separate network is in order?

>  I used to enjoy seeing 150 to 250 stations coming in
> on RF APRS each day here in Central Florida.  Yes, the single
> 1200 baud APRS channel IS sufficient to accomplish this.

Maybe, but if those 150 to 250 stations are transmitting very often, 
your network is dropping a _lot_ of packets.  I suspect there is very 
little reliability in such a network.  I certainly wouldn't want to 
depend on it for critical weather info.

Does NWS distribute alerts via RF in some data format?


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